How To Add Google Adsense Ads To WordPress Blog Posts Below Content

You’ve probably visited many blogs and you would like to know how to add Google Adsense ads below your blog posts content. Here I am going to show you how!

The first thing you need to do is go log into your Google Adsense account. If you haven’t already created a adsense ad block you will need to do so. What I like to use, and I believe is the best performing Adsense Ad Block is the 336 x 280 large rectangle. This is one I have found to have the best CTR ( click through rate).

Once you have your adsense ad ready for your wordpress blog you will need to copy the small piece of html code to embed or add to your blog posts. To do so you will need to go into your dashboard for your WordPress blog.

1. Log into your WordPress blog
2. On the left hand side under Appearance click on Editor
3. Next you will see on right hand side php files, click on Single Posts (single.php)
4. Here is where you will add your adsense code so your ads appear at the end or below blog posts
5. Add your adsense code just below the following piece of code in the single.php file ( see below photo to see where to place your Adsense code)

How To Add Google Adsense Ads To WordPress Blogs Below Posts Content

How To Add Google Adsense Ads To WordPress Blogs Below Posts Content

“6. Update the file and that’s all there is to it!

**** Tip when changing or adding any piece of code to an existing php file it’s always a good thing to save a copy of it in case you do anything wrong. This way you can simply paste the original code back in. Always backup your blog as well before any changes are made. ****

Now when you go to any of your blog posts you will see Adsense Ads immediately following your blog posts.

How To Center Your Adsense Ads Below Posts


In the photo above you will see <center> and </center at the start of and at the end of my Adsense code. This will simply center your Adsense ads on your blog post. There is no need to add this but this is what I like to do. If you just enter in the original Adsense script it will align to the left automatically.

Now you know how to add Google Adsense Ads below your blog posts for WordPress. The next thing I will show you is how to add Adsense ads inline with text in blog posts and HTML code to use to do it.


Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketer
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How To Add A Free Website Counter – Web Traffic Stats Hit Counter For Visits

If you own a blog or website you will want to add a free website counter to track web traffic and stats on how many hits or visitors you get each day to your blog. What I like to use is where you can add a small piece of html code to your site and get a free hit counter.

Here is how you add a free website counter:

1. Go to and sign up to a free basic account

Get A Free Website Counter at - Web Traffic Stats Hit Counter For Websites or Blogs

2. Next you will need to enter in the following:

  • Your sites URL
  • Your sites Name
  • Your code name which identifies your website counter (also used to log into your SiteMeter account


3. Next you will need to enter in your email address, Title, Zip Code or Postal Code and gender. A page will then pop up asking you to review your information and make sure everything is correct.

4. Next click on Manager at the top of the screen this is where you will create your website counter to track your visitors to your site.

5. Click on meter style to choose the counter style you would like. You can choose several styles of counters. Choose the one you like and make it the way you want by choosing the font.

6. After your done creating your free website counter go to html code to copy a small piece of JavaScript code or HTML code. Then paste it into your blog or website.

That’s it! Now you have added a free website counter that will now track your web traffic stats and visitors with your own hit counter. Your free web tracker will show you visitor reports on what site is referring them. Site statistics are crucial when it comes to Internet Marketing and having a free web counter will make all the difference! It will show you how many page views and visits you get with a web traffic report log.

Don’t wait another minute, add a free website counter to your blog or website today!

How To Redirect Blogger Blog URL To New WordPress Blog URL HTML Code

Well sooner or later all bloggers will want to move from Google Blogger (Blogspot) to WordPress and here I am going to show you how to redirect your old blogspot blog to your new WordPress URL blog.

To do this you will need to insert a small piece of code into your Blogger blog. Here are the steps at in redirecting your Blogger blog to WordPress URL:

1. Log into your Blogger account
2. From your Dashboard find the blog that you want to redirect
3. Click design then Edit html
4. You’ll want to first download full template as a backup in case you need to revert back. You always do this when making any changes to codes.
5. Next you will want to place the following piece of HTML code in between the <head></head> tags.

It will be like this:

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”8;url= /”></meta>

The above HTML redirect code will redirect your blog to WordPress.

Now all those incoming links that you have built up over the years from your main blog URL will now redirect traffic from your blogspot URL web address to your new WordPress URL.

Please note that after content= I put the number 8. What this means is that after 8 seconds the visitor to your site will get transferred to your new WordPress blog URL. This I would recommend you keep it as that. Before in the past spammers use to add tons of keywords on a page and redirect. Anything less then 5 and you may get penalized by Search Engines.

Make Money Online In Canada Playing Video Games Online

Let’s face it, we all like playing video games, cards games online , right? Whether you live in Canada or the United States you can make money online having fun playing tons of games! Do I think you’ll become rich playing games online, NO.. but at least your making money and having a little fun at the same time eh! They have tons of free games online and if you choose you can play for money too!

Make Money Online Playing Video Games, Card Games at Free Online Games!

I know I found this site a couple years ago and I did make some money at but I’m not going to stop doing Adsense or Affiliate Marketing for it! This is just for fun…. I’m not much of a games guy but I do like to play the odd card game like Spades or Hearts online against other people across the world. Being able to play games and make money online at the same time makes it that much more fun.

Go see for yourself, you just might find me at the card table so you better bring lots of money! You’ll need it! :)

How To Increase CTR and Make More Money With Google Adsense

Are you having a hard time making money with Google Adsense? Here I am going to show you how to increase your CTR and make more money online with Adsense. By simply improving your CTR, (click through rate), you will increase your earnings with Adsense.

There are several things I have done that really improved my CTR, sometimes doubling what I make online with Adsense. The first thing I do  is Develop a Business Plan. Basically I come up with different strategies that could improve my Adsense earnings and CTR. I then implement those strategies, I TAKE ACTION…. Then I track my results and see how well they worked. I am going to show you 5 ways to increase your income with Adsense that I do.

5 Ways To Increase CTR and Make More Money With Adsense

Learn How To Increase Adsense CTR and Earnings! Develop Business Plan, Implement Strategies, Track Results and Make More Money Online!


1. Ad optimization by blending ads with background - make the ads blend in with your site, make it a part of your site. If your background colour on your website is white, your ad background colour should be white etc..

2. Place Adsense ads above the fold - what I like to use is the 728 x 90 header that I feel works well with my sites. Ads above the fold perform well.

3. Type of Ad block, use text & image ads - these perform well on my sites and make more money with these type of ads. Experiment to see what works for you.

4. Write fresh original content - write new articles and posts on your website regularly. Google loves fresh content and your readers love reading new content as well. Getting repeat visitors will increase your earnings and Adsense CTR. If you have a blog and an email subscription form they will be notified of any new content on your site. Getting repeat visitors and new visitors will increase your earnings and CTR by increased traffic to your site.

5. Increase your website traffic - this one is quite simple! If you get more visitors to your website you have a higher chance of visitors clicking on one of the Adsense ads on your website. Simple math! If you are getting 50 visitors a day and making $10 a day online with Google Adsense, what would 500 visitors a day make you or 5000??? You get my point, the more visitors, more traffic = more money with Adsense!!

Remember these above Adsense tips have increased my CTR and Adsense earnings but you should see what works well for your websites or blogs. The only way to figure out what will improve your CTR is by experimenting and tracking your results. See what works and what doesn’t!

Make more money with Adsense today and follow these simple Adsense tips that will increase your earnings and click through rate. You’ll never know until you try! Learn how you can make more money online today!

What have you done that you thought worked well and increased your CTR and Adsense earnings online? Love to hear your comments.

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Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketer
“Helping People Learn How To Make Money Online”