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Making money with Adsense is one of the easiest ways to making money online. I’ve always said there is no way to making fast money online, well….. until now!!! I have to say that Adsense is one of the quickest ways you’ll probably find on the internet today. I am glad to be apart of one of the best money making opportunities online and I thank Google Adsense everyday for such a wonderful opportunity.

What is Adsense?

To understand what is Google Adsense, you will need to learn a little about Google Adwords. You see, a search engine, owns the biggest amount of the internet today followed behind by Yahoo and Microsoft. When people do searches using the Google search engine website owners, advertisers,  pay for the advertising to be on the right hand side of search results known as ” sponsored links ” through the use of Google Adwords. Website owners pay for those ads to be placed there through bidding on keywords. The more the website owner is willing to pay the higher ad placement he’ll get. This is one of the ways that website owners are able to get traffic to their website. Now with Adsense you can make money with this program by earning a percentage of what the advertiser was willing to pay through Adwords. All you need to do is join Adsense which is completely free and simply add some ad texts or banner ads and that’s it!

Like I said before I don’t like saying there are fast ways to making money online, but with Adsense you can make some fast easy money with little work. You determine how much you want to make and how much work and time you want to put into it. That’s why I love this opportunity so much and something everyone who owns a website or blog should be involved in. To be apart of such a great money making opportunity can literally change your life.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

Well the first thing you will need to do is join Google Adsense. Once you have joined the program you can then get some simple html code that you simply copy and paste to your website or blog. Once this code is added to your blogs or websites then you can begin making money with Adsense. Now when people go to and say they search up ” How To Make Money Online ” what then happens is you will see those sponsored links on the right hands side as mentioned earlier. These ads are similar to what you will have on your website or blog. Now when someone visits your blog and lets say it’s all about “Making Money Online” your visitors read your articles on the subject and all of a sudden one of the ads catches their attention and clicks on one of the ads. You will then receive a certain percentage of what the advertiser was willing to pay for that certain keyword or phrase. Sounds pretty easy right! It is, but you still need to do the work in order to make big money with Adsense.

You often hear about others who are making money online with Adsense  and some are making $500 a month, $3000 per month and some are even making $10,000-$20,000 a month or more with this program. It’s all up to you and how much work you want to put into developing your website and creating good content for your readers which will then be indexed by search engines and bring you traffic to your site. The more traffic that comes to your website the more money you will make with Adsense.

Why Would Google Pay Me For Placing Adsense Ads On My Website?

Great question! That’s simple! To get more advertising space across the Internet which will lead Google’s advertisers more traffic to their websites and make Google more money.Remember when I told you that Google owns the largest part of the internet, well when there’s more websites on the internet displaying Adsense Ads they have a chance at making money through your website through the advertising efforts of website owners. Google keeps a portion of the money paid to them by the advertiser and then pays you a commission for the click being generated. It’s a win, win situation for everyone. Google earns more income from the advertiser, advertiser gets the website visitor to their website, and we get paid a commission for the click. That’s why more and more people are loving Adsense everyday.

I know what your saying, “what’s the catch?” It sounds to good to be true?

Yes I would have to agree with you before I first started with the Google Adsense program. Answer, there is none! This is simply the way that business is done through advertising online. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, and business’s spend millions of dollars each year on advertising. When in business, every business needs advertising done in order to be successful.

Here are just some of the ways a business can advertise: through a magazine, TV, radio, flyers and much more. Let’s take magazines for instance. They have a clientele of readers every month buying their magazine. Not only does that magazine company make money off the readers but also much more importantly the advertisers willing to pay for their ads to be included in the magazine. A business knows that if the magazine company has the traffic which in this case readers they know they will generate sales through advertising. Well with Google they are willing to pay you through the Google Adsense program for simply displaying ads on your site in which you may already have traffic coming there. You make money with Adsense and Google makes money from their advertisers. I hope this explains to you better now why Google is willing to pay you money through the Adsense program.

How Much Can I earn With Adsense?

You can earn as much as you want with Adsense depending on the time you want to put forth creating more content and pages for your website. To talk more about how much you can earn per click from ads vary greatly. You see it all depends on the keywords or phrases that advertisers are willing to spend. Some keywords that advertisers pay through Adwords could be $1.00 per click, $5.00 per click ore more. It all depends on the keyword they are advertising for. If it’s competitive keywords that tons of searches are being done for like “make money”, “insurance”, “weight loss” etc.. you can expect companies to be paying top dollar for ad placement. I’ve heard of people making anywhere from 2 cents per click up to $30 a click. It all depends on your niche that you are writing about and the competition for high paying keywords where lots of searches are being done each month.

 To see more about how much you are earning with Adsense you can log into your account and see the total amount of money you made in a day. Say you made $18.90 for the day with 15 clicks, your average money made per click would be $1.26 There are many ways you can increase Adsense earnings through ad placement on websites. Statistics have it that by adding certain size Adsense ads in various locations can actually increase the potential of generating income through your ads. You can track everything with Adsense to determine better ad performance locations to try and increase your earnings. People say that blending your ads in with the colour of the background can increase click through rate known as CTR. Increase your click through rate on your Adsense Ads and your income will increase.

You could start making money with Adsense today!

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