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Making Money Online With Kontera


Kontera ContentLink is one of the new ways people are making money online from home with. It’s a great way to add a second revenue stream for existing websites or blogs. Now people not only can make money online with Adsense but now they can also increase their income with Kontera’s Publisher program as well.

So what is Kontera you ask?


Kontera is a publisher network where website and blog owners join in which In-Text ads appear on their pages from some of Kontera’s Advertisers. Kontera is another great way that people are making money online from home. Remember when I talked about Google Adwords well this is very similar. What happens with Google Adwords is that their advertisers pay Google money to show their ads all across the web. Their ads are displayed on websites all over the world and is called contextual advertising as ads appear on these sites relevant to the content. The same goes with Kontera. With Kontera ContentLink, advertisers pay to also show their ads. The only difference is that what happens with Kontera is they are called In-Text ads meaning that words on your website will turn into links. When people point their cursor over the keyword which is now a link a small window will appear with a small ad linking to the advertisers website.

Here is what this window will look like:

As you can see the Kontera ContentLink Advertisement is relevant to the page content. Kontera will match up your ads relevant to whatever your website is about. When people point there cursor over the text link ads that window or bubble shown above will appear. This is how Kontera works.

How Do I Earn Money With Kontera Online?


Many people often ask me “How To Make Money With Kontera?” It’s easy! If a visitor visits your website or blog and clicks on one of your Kontera ContentLink Ads you will earn money which is a percentage of the cost per click paid by one of Kontera’s advertisers. It’s as simple as that! The more website traffic or blog traffic you get, the more money you will make with Kontera. It’s the same as making money with Google Adsense. If one of the ads interests your reader they will click on it and you will earn money. That’s why it’s very important to write good quality content to attract more readers and repeat visitors as well. If people gain value from your website or blog chances are people will link to your site not only increasing web traffic but also link popularity. Writing good quality content will increase website traffic and earnings all at the same time. Kontera is an excellent way to make money online and will provide an extra stream of income to the ever popular Adsense.

Can I use Kontera ContentLink With Adsense On My Sites?

Yes! You can join Kontera and place ads on the same pages in which you have Adsense Ads. This does not go against TOS of the Google Adsense Program. A good thing to do for anyone looking to add different streams of income to their website is always make sure you go back and check Adsense terms of service to make sure you comply with all the rules. Adsense is a great way to make money in which everyone would hate to lose such a great opportunity. By adding an extra revenue stream such as Kontera and already having Adsense people should be able to increase their earnings. So yes, Kontera is allowed to be used if you have Adsense ads on your website. One of the big things adsense does not allow are other ads made to resemble Google ads which is strictly forbidden. Also placement of images close to adsense ads people need to watch out for too. The best thing to do is visit Google Adsense and re-read TOS to make sure you comply with all rules and regulations. In the meantime join Kontera and start making money just like you are with Adsense.

I have Adsense, Why Use Kontera ContentLinks?

Simple answer, secondary income opportunity! By having another way that your website or blog is monetized, you have a higher chance of making money. When a visitor visits your website and decides to leave or close the webpage you don’t make any money. If your visitor doesn’t click on your Adsense ads you don’t make a cent. Now by having these Contextual In-Text ads, you may catch your readers interests as they are reading your content. By placing Kontera on your sites you may very well increase your CTR (click-through-rate) and place more money in your pocket. It basically gives you an extra chance to capitalize on every visitor for a chance to make more money online. Don’t settle just for one, a combination of these money making programs will most likely increase your overall earnings online.

How Do I Get Started With Kontera?

The first thing you need to do is apply for a Kontera Publisher Account. It will take about 3-5 days to get approved normally. After you are approved for your publisher account all you need to do is follow Kontera well explained instructions and you will soon be making extra cash from home soon. All you need to do is add a simple piece of html code right before the </body> tag and Kontera will do the rest. They will send out spiders crawling your content and match relevant ads to your website. It’s that simple! Place a simple piece of code, generate traffic and make fast cash online.

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    Great tips of earning money on kontera. My website is getting 300 visitors per day but i can not earn money on Kontera. can you tell me exact problem why i am not earning.

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