How To Increase CTR and Make More Money With Google Adsense

Are you having a hard time making money with Google Adsense? Here I am going to show you how to increase your CTR and make more money online with Adsense. By simply improving your CTR, (click through rate), you will increase your earnings with Adsense.

There are several things I have done that really improved my CTR, sometimes doubling what I make online with Adsense. The first thing I do  is Develop a Business Plan. Basically I come up with different strategies that could improve my Adsense earnings and CTR. I then implement those strategies, I TAKE ACTION…. Then I track my results and see how well they worked. I am going to show you 5 ways to increase your income with Adsense that I do.

5 Ways To Increase CTR and Make More Money With Adsense

Learn How To Increase Adsense CTR and Earnings! Develop Business Plan, Implement Strategies, Track Results and Make More Money Online!


1. Ad optimization by blending ads with background - make the ads blend in with your site, make it a part of your site. If your background colour on your website is white, your ad background colour should be white etc..

2. Place Adsense ads above the fold - what I like to use is the 728 x 90 header that I feel works well with my sites. Ads above the fold perform well.

3. Type of Ad block, use text & image ads - these perform well on my sites and make more money with these type of ads. Experiment to see what works for you.

4. Write fresh original content - write new articles and posts on your website regularly. Google loves fresh content and your readers love reading new content as well. Getting repeat visitors will increase your earnings and Adsense CTR. If you have a blog and an email subscription form they will be notified of any new content on your site. Getting repeat visitors and new visitors will increase your earnings and CTR by increased traffic to your site.

5. Increase your website traffic - this one is quite simple! If you get more visitors to your website you have a higher chance of visitors clicking on one of the Adsense ads on your website. Simple math! If you are getting 50 visitors a day and making $10 a day online with Google Adsense, what would 500 visitors a day make you or 5000??? You get my point, the more visitors, more traffic = more money with Adsense!!

Remember these above Adsense tips have increased my CTR and Adsense earnings but you should see what works well for your websites or blogs. The only way to figure out what will improve your CTR is by experimenting and tracking your results. See what works and what doesn’t!

Make more money with Adsense today and follow these simple Adsense tips that will increase your earnings and click through rate. You’ll never know until you try! Learn how you can make more money online today!

What have you done that you thought worked well and increased your CTR and Adsense earnings online? Love to hear your comments.

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