How To Add A Free Website Counter – Web Traffic Stats Hit Counter For Visits

If you own a blog or website you will want to add a free website counter to track web traffic and stats on how many hits or visitors you get each day to your blog. What I like to use is where you can add a small piece of html code to your site and get a free hit counter.

Here is how you add a free website counter:

1. Go to and sign up to a free basic account

Get A Free Website Counter at - Web Traffic Stats Hit Counter For Websites or Blogs

2. Next you will need to enter in the following:

  • Your sites URL
  • Your sites Name
  • Your code name which identifies your website counter (also used to log into your SiteMeter account


3. Next you will need to enter in your email address, Title, Zip Code or Postal Code and gender. A page will then pop up asking you to review your information and make sure everything is correct.

4. Next click on Manager at the top of the screen this is where you will create your website counter to track your visitors to your site.

5. Click on meter style to choose the counter style you would like. You can choose several styles of counters. Choose the one you like and make it the way you want by choosing the font.

6. After your done creating your free website counter go to html code to copy a small piece of JavaScript code or HTML code. Then paste it into your blog or website.

That’s it! Now you have added a free website counter that will now track your web traffic stats and visitors with your own hit counter. Your free web tracker will show you visitor reports on what site is referring them. Site statistics are crucial when it comes to Internet Marketing and having a free web counter will make all the difference! It will show you how many page views and visits you get with a web traffic report log.

Don’t wait another minute, add a free website counter to your blog or website today!

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