Jamie Boyle – Full Time Webmaster, Blogger & Affiliate Marketer

My name is Jamie Boyle, business owner and webmaster to many different websites online. I have been making money online from home since 2002 and enjoying every minute of it. When I finished College taking business I knew working for someone else just wasn’t for me. Why would I want to work a 9-5 job just to pay my bills and make someone else rich? Making money online was right up my alley!

Jamie Boyle - Full-Time Internet Marketer, Blogger, Business Owner


After College in 2002 I started up my own business called Country Koi Fish Farm selling water plants, water lilies and pond fish such as goldfish and koi at both wholesale and retail online. This is when I got hooked on the Internet. With the Internet I was able to grow my business throughout all of Canada and parts of the United States with the use of Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter and Yahoo. What I enjoyed was making my own pay cheque, selling my own product and helping customers with all their pond needs. I didn’t even think of it as a job, and I still don’t. Water gardening is a hobby of mine and I was fortunate enough to turn my hobby into a dream job.

Since then I still run my own seasonal business and I also make money online all year long through affiliate marketing ( commissions earned on products and services recommended, Google Adsense ( Google Ads ), Kontera ( In-Text ads ) and any other money making programs that I can find. This has enabled me to work from home and spend more time with my family. There are many ways to make money online.

Have I had failures along the way working online?


I sure have! I would say that if any successful blogger and affiliate marketer ever said they didn’t, the’d be down right lying to you! We’ve all made mistakes when we first started to make money online. Sometimes we don’t have to make mistakes but your business can soon come crashing down.

Failure is a part of success, they go hand in hand.

I remember when I first started making money advertising with Google Adwords, I spent thousands of dollars. Do yourself a favour don’t jump head first! Like many people know if you going for high priced keywords and now with the Quality Score it can cost you lots of money… That was my mistake when I first started. I was so pumped up to get my campaign going I paid for it. A tip for anyone looking to use Google Adwords is reasearch first! With the Internet you can find out what’s working for people and what’s not. I’ll touch on this later.

I also remember when I was involved in this MLM way back, it was going great and I was making money! My downline was growing, people were working it under me and things couldn’t have been any better. I had over 200 people in my downline, then people started dropping like dominoes. All of a sudden people started quiting, not working it and it was over.

The thing with MLM’s is you basically have to be a recruiting machine. If you don’t find people with the same drive and dedication you have you’ll be disappointed. It’s a proven fact that about 95% will fail when it comes to MLM’s. If you have an MLM and it’s working great for you, then tha’s awesome! I basically threw in the towel after all that work was just wasted.

There are way easier ways to making money online! My motto is work smart, not hard. That’s exactly what I did. I started making money online through various programs and started getting checks in the mail each month.

Did I Have Any Previous Knowledge With Blogging, Design, Hosting, SEO?

Nope! I learned everything myself, through reading books, articles online and books I bought at the book store. If you learn yourself there is nothing stopping you from making money online. Do all your own SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), write your own articles, set up your own blogs and websites, custom domains etc.. Don’t let the not knowing how to do something get in your way of making money, learn how!

This is why I created MakingMoneyForLife.com so I can show other people how they can get started making money online. If I can make money online so can you!

I wish you all as much success as I have had with blogging and affiliate marketing. I hope you enjoy my blog and make sure you subscribe to my blog feed.


Jamie Boyle
Full-Time Webmaster, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer

” Making money online can create wealth, but without the knowledge on how, you’ll have nothing.”

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