Tips To Success

Throughout this page you will learn several tips I live by that will help you succeed making money online and to get more work accomplished.

Always make sure you plan ahead, no what you will be doing the following day.

Avoid any distractions, set aside so many hours a week for your business. Let you family know not to disturb you during those times unless there’s an emergency.┬áRunning out of milk is not one of them!┬áThink of it as being at work but just at home instead. They wouldn’t bother you at work, would they?

Stay focused, don’t allow distractions to occur. If you have to shut down Facebook, MSN Messenger then do it! These distractions will ruin your focus.

Set goals for yourself! Know what you want to do in the week, how much money you want to make and push yourself higher. Goals are healthy and helps drive you to succeed.

Please note page is being updated due to new blog format. I’ll have more up shortly.

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